Nita's home designs blurs industrial design and fine art. Discarding disciplinary bounds, it applies a process-driven approach to a subtly subversive range of informal yet elegant, simple yet culturally nuanced objects that transmit a palpable zeitgeist.

One Collection
Defying the ancient mathematical adage “you can’t square a circle,” this sculptural table combines a circular top with a square base of the exact same weight and surface area. Both foundational pieces as well as the table’s small circular feet are CNC routed from a single metal sheet and assembled using a propriety folding technique, exemplifying efficiency of form and the elegance of simplicity.

Nita x Folkways
Rooted in the facial motifs of Nita’s Unity jewelry collection and Folkways’ mission to evolve the art and culture of drinking, the glasses showcase vibrant, playful representations of the human race that subvert conventional classifications. Specifically, the spirit sipper vessels celebrate individuality, community, and connectivity through seven colorful, abstracted faces. Spanning cultures and genders in a contemporary way, the collection incites lighthearted delight.

Switch Collection
A pop take on Thomas Edison’s pioneering lighting experiments, the Switch Collection takes inspiration from the Swatch watch’s modularity and its name from the on/off button integrated into the bulb’s holder. Available in multiple colors, this portable fixture features Nita’s signature black cord housed within a Borosilicate blown glass base, enabling easy release when moving or adjusting the lamp.